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07 Jan 2021
1)Prepare the integrated information system of mineral resources management

prepare integrated information system of mineral comprising significant information such as survey data, status, characteristic, value added guideline, downstream industry, demand, and supply of each minerals to apply as the database for specifying the mineral resources management, providing recommendation, guideline, and mineral resources management measures for each period.

2)organize the approval and permission protocol corresponding to demand and supply of mineral utilization for the development of the country, especially the economically significant minerals, and complying with the government policy under the integrated collaboration with other sectors justly.
  • specify mineral resources area for mining, type of economically significant minerals and push forward the mining zone where the information support that there is a plenty mineral resources site with high economic value for large project bidding.
  • the mining concession with adjoining area must provide the collaboration or design the mining to utilize mineral resources worthily under the appropriate safety protocol, technology, and mining engineering and provide environmental management plan for maximizing the benefit of mineral resources utilization.
3)Promote the implementation for preventing and mitigating the impact from mineral development on natural resources, environmental quality, and public health including safety, adverse event prevention, economic security, and the public usage.
  • Promote the corporate social responsibility of mining enterprises.
  • Specify buffer zone between outer boundary of mining zone and the conservation area and residential area (outer buffer zone) and consider the buffer zone of the concession area (buffer zone in the mining area) by regarding to significant factors e.g., mineral types, mining methodology, technology, and engineering etc.
  • Develop the monitoring, regulation, tracking, inspection, and evaluation of environmental quality.
  • Set the requirement on public participation for environmental, health, and safety inspection through the tripartite committee, public network, or local administration network.
  • Develop complaints handling system that can be examine and follow up the complaint handling or the solution of the negative impact from mining.
  • Specify mining control area for the benefit of the prevention and suppression on illegal mining, environmental, health, and safety protection, or for the specific benefit. The mining control area must be defined in case of the benefit on economic security, governance, environmental, health, and safety protection and adverse event prevention or for the public benefit
  • Conduct the strategic environmental assessment (SEA) by studying criteria and procedure of SEA of significant economic minerals
  • Promote the research on pattern and guidance of the utilization of the abandoned mining area, the restoration and the suitable land use corresponding to the area and its surroundings that can create the beneficial community’s economy.
  • Promote the research on the impact of abandoned mine emphasizing on the abandoned mine with the absence of the appropriate restoration or mine getting permission when the specific laws was absence.
4) Support and promote policy or concept on applying the suitable technology for mining, mineral dressing, metallurgical assembly of both primary industries and downstream industries.
  • Research and develop the mining and mineral dressing technology suitable for the specific area.
  • Create motivation and impel the entrepreneurs and the stakeholders to apply the research for the benefit of mining.
  • Provide the plan for downstream industries of both primary ores and by product to utilize the minerals and perform mining beneficially.
  • Specify the measures that the entrepreneurs must apply the appropriate technology for mining and mineral dressing to mitigate the impact on environment.
  • Impel and support the trade and investment corporation policy in CLMTV level, region level, and international level relating to the product from mineral development such as silicon and fertilizer from potash etc.
  • Promote the beneficial application of by product or the remaining from mining and mineral dressing (tailings and scraps of rock, soil, and sand).
5)Promotion and motivation of research and develop knowledge on mineral resources, mineral management system, mining technology and production, value added of mineral, downstream industries using mineral as raw materials, trading and investment on minerals, balancing and reducing pollution from utilization of mineral to environment.
  • Support the research on mineralogy, mineral geology, mining, and production technology of economic minerals and other minerals that will be mining by learning from the case study of mining and impact on environmental and public health in the past of both national and international cases for applying as the information for decision making on the suitable application of mineral in the future.
  • Promote the research and development of the utilization of primary minerals, by product minerals, production of mineral from industrial and electronic waste, value added of minerals by mineral dressing, mineral processing, or creating the products corresponding to the market demand, downstream industries using mineral as raw materials, trading and investment on minerals, balancing and reducing pollution from utilization of mineral to environment.

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